NSA IOB Dump Finally Complete!

The “Christmas Eve” NSA file dump that you will see reported at: NSA Waited Until Christmas Eve To Release Details Of Its Illegal Surveillance On Americans, What you need to know about the NSA document dump, and, U.S. Spy Agency Reports Improper Surveillance of Americans, repeated by various other sources, which never mentioned the dump being incomplete, is now complete.

I reported in Merry Christmas From the NSA! Missing Files about 15 missing files, which by my report of: NSA IOB Report Dump – Still Missing Files had become 3 missing files and when I checked today, the NSA file dump is complete, all being silent corrections to the file dump.

You will notice that the final three files: 3Q FY10, 3Q FY09, 4Q FY09 are named differently from the other files:


as text:



Data analysis resources should be focused on the 3rd quarter report for 2010 and 3rd quarter and 4th quarter reports for 2009, especially as compared to other materials (Snowden?) for those time frames.

My heuristic being that people don’t delay without a reason. It isn’t necessary to know the reason, just to observe the delay. Could be entirely due to incompetence but if you count:

  1. Christmas Eve as happenstance
  2. Second incomplete dump as coincidence
  3. File renaming issue is three, enemy action.

I have local copies of the files as they exist as of 17:13 on 30 December 2014 and I will be tarring those up for upload to my site later this evening. Please replicate them elsewhere as you see fit.

Suggestions on tooling, collaborations, analysis, etc. welcome!

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