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Hot Topics: The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Hot Topics: The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series

From the DuraSpace about page:

DuraSpace supported open technology projects provide long-term, durable access to and discovery of digital assets. We put together global, strategic collaborations to sustain DSpace and Fedora, two of the most widely-used repository solutions in the world. More than fifteen hundred institutions use and help develop these open source software repository platforms. DSpace and Fedora are directly supported with in-kind contributions of development resources and financial donations through the DuraSpace community sponsorship program.

Like most of you, I’m familiar with DSpace andFedora but I wasn’t familiar with the “Hot Topics” webinar series. I was following a link from Recommended! “Metadata and Repository Services for Research Data Curation” Webinar by Imma Subirats, when I encountered the “Hot Topics” page.

  • Series Six: Research Data in Repositories
  • Series Five: VIVO–Research Discovery and Networking
  • Series Four: Research Data Management Support
  • Series Three: Get a Head on Your Repository with Hydra End-to-End Solutions
  • Series Two: Managing and Preserving Audio and Video in your Digital Repository
  • Series One: Knowledge Futures: Digital Preservation Planning

Each series consists of three (3) webinars, all with recordings, most with slides as well.

Warning: Data curation doesn’t focus on the latest and coolest GPU processing techniques.

But, in ten to fifteen years when GPU techniques are like COBOL is now, good data curation will enable future students to access those techniques.

I think that is worthwhile.


DSpace 3.0 Released

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

DSpace 3.0 Released

From the post:

DSpace 3.0 was officially released to the public on November 30, 2012. The previous version of DSpace was 1.8.2 and DSpace has changed its numbering scheme and this is explained here. The demo version of this release is available for testing here.

The new DSpace 3.0 comes with a number of new features.There are two groups of features, those that are enabled by default and those that require deliberate activation.

Default features

Activation features

The features listed below are included in the DSpace 3.0 release but they are enabled manually.

DSpace 3.0 can be [down]loaded at

If you aren’t already familiar with DSpace, the DSpace homepage offer the following helpful summary:

DSpace open source software is a turnkey institutional repository application.


The DSpace Video is more forthcoming.