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Solarium: Solr library for PHP

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Solarium: Solr library for PHP

A problem with Solr tools descriptions is which features to list:

  • Facet support
  • Query building API
  • Complex update queries
  • Query inheritance
  • Plugin system
  • DisMax support
  • Configuration mode
  • Spatial search
  • MoreLikeThis
  • Highlighting
  • Grouping
  • Spellcheck
  • Stats component
  • Terms queries
  • Distributed search
  • Analysis
  • Client adapters
  • Term and phrase escaping
  • Loadbalancing plugin
  • PostBigRequest plugin
  • CustomizeRequest plugin
  • Use-at-will structure
  • Developed using continuous integration
  • Solarium uses the PSR-0 standard

So I dodged that bullet by listing all of Solarium’s features. ­čśë

You won’t (and probably shouldn’t) try to use all of them for your first interface. But this listing should give you ideas for how your library interface can change and grow in the future.

A track record of successful use of technologies like PHP, Solarium and Solr isn’t going to harm your job prospects.