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Mappify Adds…CTM 1.0!

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Lars Heuer posts, Mappify Topic Maps to Topic Maps Web Service has added support for CTM 1.0!

According to Lars:

Mappify can convert CTM sources into JTM 1.0, XTM 2.1 and even into CTM 1.0 ­čÖé

That last one, CTM to CTM, would that be like comparing your chess moves with those of a computer faced with the same situation?

ANN: Finally! DBpedia and Wikipedia switched to Topic Maps! – News

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

ANN: Finally! DBpedia and Wikipedia switched to Topic Maps!, according to Lars Heuer.

See his post for the details but if you are capable of installing plugins in a FireFox browser, you can use his DBpedia / Wikipedia -> Topic Maps service within your browser to create topic maps.

The bar for creating topic maps just keeps getting lower!

A few minutes later….

Caveat: I am already running FireFox 3.6.6 so your experience may vary, but….this rocks!

Installation of GreaseMonkey and the Mappify browser plugins was very slick (only GreaseMonkey required a restart) and then a quick jaunt to Wikipedia and the first article I pulled up, “rough sets” (that is *sets*), has “Mappify” next to the title and it presents a drop down menu of XTM, CTM and JTM, in that order. Pick one and it offers you the file.

It doesn’t get any slicker than this! Kudos to Lars Heuer!


Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Topic map fans will be glad to learn that ISO 13250-6 Topic Maps — Compact Syntax (known to rest of us as CTM) has gone to FDIS!

The compact syntax is a shorthand syntax that is designed to make human authoring of topic maps easier and to be more readable than the XML syntax. It also adds features like templates to assist in authoring.

You will be amused/disapppointed/dismayed if you search for “CTM Examples,” (without the quotes) on popular search engines. “Hits” included:

We really need a lite-weight way to bring subject identity to HTML pages. (More on that in a future post.)

Useful CTM links for topic map fans:

  • Compact Topic Maps Syntax Tutorial A presentation by Lars Heuer, the principal author of CTM.
  • A CTM Tutorial A blog from Lars Marius Garshol. Heuer reports that the %mergemap directive has changed since this tutorial but otherwise is accurate. (I do like the image of happy CTM users. No, I won’t describe it, you will have to go see for yourself.)

As usual, it would be really helpful for others to read and comment on it now rather than after the text is final. Comments can be sent to:, or posted to the CTM project page.