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The cool aspects of Odiago WibiData

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

The cool aspects of Odiago WibiData

From the post:

Christophe Bisciglia and Aaron Kimball have a new company.

  • It’s called Odiago, and is one of my gratifyingly more numerous tiny clients.
  • Odiago’s product line is called WibiData, after the justly popular We Be Sushi restaurants.
  • We’ve agreed on a split exclusive de-stealthing launch. You can read about the company/founder/investor stuff on TechCrunch. But this is the place for — well, for the tech crunch.

WibiData is designed for management of, investigative analytics on, and operational analytics on consumer internet data, the main examples of which are web site traffic and personalization and their analogues for games and/or mobile devices. The core WibiData technology, built on HBase and Hadoop,* is a data management and analytic execution layer.

Still in private beta (you can sign up for notice) but the post covers the infrastructure with enough detail to be enticing.

Just as a tease (on my part):

where you’d have a single value in a relational table, you might have the equivalent of a whole relational table (or at least selection/view) in WibiData-enhanced HBase. For example, if a user visits the same web page ten times, and each time 50 attributes are recorded (including a timestamp), all 500 data – to use the word “data” in its original “plural of datum” sense – would likely be stored in the same WibiData cell.

You need to go read the post to put that in context.

I keep thinking all the “good” names are gone and then something like WibiData shows up. 😉

I suspect there are going to be a number of lessons to learn from this combination of HBase and Hadoop.