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Choking Cassandra Bolt

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Got your attention? Good!

Brian O’Neill details in A Big Data Trifecta: Storm, Kafka and Cassandra an architecture that was fast enough to choke the Cassandra Bolt component. (And also details how to fix that problem.)

Based on the exchange of tuples. Writing at 5,000 writes per second on a laptop.

More details to follow but I think you can get enough from the post to start experimenting on your own.

I first saw this at: Alex Popesu’s myNoSQL under A Big Data Triefecta: Storm, Kafka and Cassandra.

Tuple MapReduce: beyond the classic MapReduce

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Tuple MapReduce: beyond the classic MapReduce by Pere Ferrera Bertran.

From the post:

In this post we’ll review the MapReduce model proposed by Google in 2004 and propound another one called Tuple MapReduce. We’ll see that this new model is a generalization of the first and we’ll explain what advantages it has to offer. We’ll provide a practical example and conclude by discussing when the implementation of Tuple MapReduce is advisable.

In the conclusion:

In this post we have presented a new MapReduce model, Tuple MapReduce, and we have shown its benefits and virtues. We have generalized it in order to allow joins between different data sources (Tuple-Join MapReduce). We have noted that it allows the same things to be done as the MapReduce we already know, while making it much simpler to learn and use.

We believe that an implementation of Tuple MapReduce would be advisable and that it could act as a replacement for the original MapReduce. This implementation, instead of being comparable to existing high-level tools that have been created on top of MapReduce, would be comparable in efficiency to current implementations of MapReduce.

The post promises open source code in the near future.

I have to admit to being interested even without working code but that would quickly change to excitement upon successful testing of Tuple-Join MapReduce. Quite definitely the sort of mapping exercise that needs a standardized mapping language. 😉

Learning Scala? Learn the Fundamentals First

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Learning Scala? Learn the Fundamentals First by Craig Tataryn.

From the post:

A few weeks back I gave my talk at JavaOne 2011 titled “The Scala Language Tour”, if you’re at all interested you can grab the slides and examples from github.

The session was very well received, my only enemy was time! Given 1 hour, how does one give 170+ people a taste of all that’s Scala without completely starving them of details? Lots and lots and lots of dry-runs of your presentation, that’s how. I must have iterated my talk a dozen or more times. I just couldn’t bring myself to trimming any more fat. The short story is, I could have used 5-10 more minutes. A crucial set of slides had to be omitted concerning the “Tuple” in Scala.

Demonstrates the fundamental nature of tuples in Scala, with examples of where it can be found in Scala code.


Saturday, July 30th, 2011


It was interesting to see XQuery 3.0 introduce tuple operations.

It is important to see Michal Kay start to talk about implementing tuple operations in Saxon.

I wonder what it would take to create a profile of XQuery 3.0 that introduces a semantic equivalence operator?