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Rabbithole, the Neo4j REPL console

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Rabbithole, the Neo4j REPL console

Over the last few days the Neo4j community team worked on the initial iteration for an interactive Neo4j tutorial.

The first result we are proud to publish is a sharable console that runs an in-memory Neo4j instance in a web-session.

It supports Cypher queries of the graph and Geoff for importing and modifying the graph data. The graph itself and the cypher results are visualized in an overlay using d3.js.

You can easily get a link to share your current graph content and even tweet it.

For the web application we use the minimal Spark web-framework.

The app is deployed to Heroku and available on github.

Deeply impressive!

If interactive use of Neo4j, including sharing your graphs, interests you, you need to get involved now with Rabbithole!