NSA IOB Report Dump – Still Missing Files

In Merry Christmas From the NSA! Missing Files, I reported a blog entry on the Christmas Eve posting of Intelligence Oversight Board reports covering a span of years. On closer inspection, I found a number of second quarter reports were missing.

The very next day, 26 December 2014, another blog post reported on the NSA posting and following the link there, most of the missing files had been supplied by the NSA, with nary a peep about the previously missing files.

Today is 27 December 2014 and the following files continue to be missing:

3Q FY10, 3Q FY09, 4Q FY09

I realize that I am being unreasonable. The NSA posting was only missing 15 files out of 48. The current NSA posting continues to miss 3 files out of 48. The stories got NSA correct, some files were released, and the URL was right. What more could you ask for?

I will have to let you answer that last question for yourselves. I will say something untowards if I continue this post.

I have created a compressed tar ball with all the NSA IOB reports that are currently on the NSA website. Avoiding being on the NSA web logs doesn’t count for much because I am sure they are tracking all web traffic anyway. But, as a sign of annoyance with the NSA, please obtain the incomplete file set here (92 MB approximately).

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