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Open Source Science Fair

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Open Source Science Fair

Thursday, November 15, 7-10:30 p.m.
The New York Times
620 Eight Avenue
New York, NY
15th Floor

From the webpage:

Every year, the TimesOpen series brings together the NYC developer community for technical talks on various topics. We’ve enjoyed great speakers, insightful discussions and a lot of live coding. This year we’re trying something new: an open source science fair and symposium.

To kick off the night, we’ll have our science fair. Contributors to the open source community will tell us a little bit about their projects and set up areas to show off their work. We won’t have any model volcanoes, potato clocks or flatworms — but we will have booths, lightning talks and pull requests.

After the exhibitors, our speakers (so far, Jeremy Ashkenas of The New York Times, Rebecca Murphey of Bocoup and Zach Holman of GitHub) will talk about how to launch, scale and contribute to open source projects. No science fair is complete without awards, so we’ll end the night with some ribbons and prizes!

It would be pretty hard to get one of those model volcanoes on an airplane. 😉

Despite that, this is a must-attend event if you can.

Slides and Photos: Bigger Data & Smarter Scaling

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Slides and Photos: Bigger Data & Smarter Scaling by Marci Windsheimer.

Report on the TimesOpen event on data and scaling.

You will find here:

Our most recent TimesOpen event was our biggest yet. Here are some highlights:

Should be more than enough inducement to catch the next TimesOpen event!