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Labcoat by Precog

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Labcoat by Precog

From the webpage:

Labcoat is an interactive data analysis tool.

With Labcoat, developers and data scientists can integrate, analyze, and visualize massive volumes of semi-structured data.

It’s now incredibly easy to understand your data. Simply visit Labcoat to explore sample data sets and run some queries – all right in your browser. Unleash your inner data scientist!

I just encountered this so don’t have any details to report.

But, if they put as much effort into the technical side as they did the marketing images (Your App versus Your App on Precog is particularly funny), then this could prove to be quite useful.

It is in private beta so not much to report. Will update when it comes out of beta or I can point to more resources.

I first saw this at KDNuggets.