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Saturday, February 11th, 2012


Collaborative editing in a block element. See the DEMO.

From the website:

Ice is a track changes implementation, built in javascript, for anything that is contenteditable on the web. Conceived by the CMS Group at The New York Times, ice has been piloting successfully for articles written in the newsroom.


  • Track multi-user inserts and deletes with the option to turn on and off tracking or highlighting.
  • A robust API to accept and reject changes, get clean content, and add a lot of configuration.
  • Plugins for tinymce and wordpress.
  • Optional plugins to track copy-cut-pasting, convert smart quotes, and create em-dashes.

It’s not ready for typesetting complex tables or Vedic literature but some publishing tasks aren’t complicated.

Use the appropriate tool for the task, or the topic map.