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Saturday, September 3rd, 2011


From the website:

DiscoverText helps you gain valuable insight about customers, products, employees, citizens, research data, and more through powerful text analytic methods. DiscoverText combines search, human judgments and inferences with automated software algorithms to create an active machine-learning loop.

DiscoverText is currently used for text analytics, market research, eDiscovery, FOIA processing, employee engagement analytics, health informatics, processing public comments by government agencies and university basic research.

Interesting tool set, based in the cloud.

Learn to Use DiscoverText – Free Tutorial Webinar

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Learn to Use DiscoverText – Free Tutorial Webinar

From the announcement:

This free, live Webinar introduces DiscoverText and key features used to ingest, filter, search & code text. We take your questions and demonstrate the newest tools, including a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) machine-learning classifier. You can create a classification scheme, train the system, and run the classifier in less than 20 minutes.

DiscoverText’s latest feature additions can be easily trained to perform customized mood, sentiment and topic classification. Any custom classification scheme or topic model can be created and implemented by the user. Once a classification scheme is created, you can then use advanced, threshold-sensitive filters to look at just the documents you want.

You can also generate interactive, custom, salient word clouds using the “Cloud Explorer” and drill into the most frequently occurring terms or use advanced search and filters to create “buckets” of text.

The system makes it possible to capture, share and crowd source text data analysis in novel ways. For example, you can collect text content off Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, as well as other social media or RSS feeds.

Apologies but if you notice the date this announcement was posted, the day before the webinar, I posted this late.

Puzzles me why there is a tendency to announce webinars the day or two in advance. Why not a week?

They have recorded prior versions of this presentation so you can still learn something about DiscoverText.