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How to Use R for Connecting Neo4j and Tableau (A Recommendation Use Case)

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

How to Use R for Connecting Neo4j and Tableau (A Recommendation Use Case) by Roberto Rösler.

From the post:

Year is just a little bit more than two months old and we got the good news from Tableau – beta testing for version 9.0 started. But it looks like that one of my most favored features didn’t manage to be part of the first release – the Tableau Web Data Connector (it’s mentioned in Christian Chabot keynote at 01:18:00 you can find here). The connector can be used to access REST APIs from within Tableau.
Instead of waiting for the unknown release containing the Web Data Connector, I will show in this post how you can still use the current version of Tableau together with R to build your own “Web Data Connector”. Specifically, this means we connect to an instance of the graph database Neo4j using Neo4js REST API. However, that is not the only good news: our approach that will create a life connection to the “REST API data source” goes beyond any attempt that utilizes Tableaus Data Extract API, static tde files that could be loaded in Tableau.

In case you aren’t familiar with Tableau, it is business analytics/visualization software that has both commercial and public versions.

Roberto moves data crunching off of Tableau (into Neo4j) and builds a dashboard (playing to Tableau’s strengths) for display of the results.

If you don’t have the time to follow R-Bloggers, you should make the time to follow Roberto’s blog, Data * Science + R. His posts explore interesting issues at length, with data and code.

I first saw this in a tweet by DataSciGeek.

…Integrate Tableau and Hadoop…

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

How To Integrate Tableau and Hadoop with Hortonworks Data Platform by Kim Truong.

From the post:

Chances are you’ve already used Tableau Software if you’ve been involved with data analysis and visualization solutions for any length of time. Tableau 6.1.4 introduced the ability to visualize large, complex data stored in Hadoop with Hortonworks Data Platform via Hive and the Hortonworks Hive ODBC driver.

If you want to get hands on with Tableau as quickly as possible, we recommend using the Hortonworks Sandbox and the ‘Visualize Data with Tableau’ tutorial.


Kim has a couple of great resources from Tableau to share with you so jump to her post now.

That’s right. I want you to look at someone else’s blog. Won’t catch on at capture sites with advertising but then that’s not me.

7 top tools for taming big data

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

7 top tools for taming big data by Peter Wayner.

Peter covers:

  • Jaspersoft BI Suite
  • Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Karmasphere Studio and Analyst
  • Talend Open Studio
  • Skytree Server
  • Tableau Desktop and Server
  • Splunk

Not as close to the metal as Lucene/Solr, Hadoop, HBase, Neo4j, and many other packages but not bad starting places.

Do be mindful of Peter’s closing paragraph:

At a recent O’Reilly Strata conference on big data, one of the best panels debated whether it was better to hire an expert on the subject being measured or an expert on using algorithms to find outliers. I’m not sure I can choose, but I think it’s important to hire a person with a mandate to think deeply about the data. It’s not enough to just buy some software and push a button.