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Drizzle: An Open Source Microkernel DBMS for High Performance Scale-Out Applications

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Drizzle: An Open Source Microkernel DBMS for High Performance Scale-Out Applications

From the webpage:

The Global Drizzle Development Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Drizzle 7.1.33-stable. The first stable release of Drizzle 7.1 and the result of 12 months of hard work from contributors around the world.

Improvements in Drizzle 7.1 compared to 7.0

  • Xtrabackup is included (in-tree) by Stewart Smith
  • Multi-source replication by David Shrewsbury
  • Improved execute parser by Brian Aker and Vijay Samuel
  • Servers are identified with UUID in replication by Joe Daly
  • HTTP JSON API (experimental) by Stewart Smith
  • Percona Innodb patches merged by Laurynas Biveinis
  • JS plugin: execute JavaScript code as a Drizzle function by Henrik Ingo
  • IPV6 data type by Muhammad Umair
  • Improvements to libdrizzle client library by Andrew Hutchings and Brian Aker
  • Query log plugin and auth_schema by Daniel Nichter
  • ZeroMQ plugin by Markus Eriksson
  • Ability to publish transactions to zeromq and rabbitmq by Marcus Eriksson
  • Replication Dictionary by Brian Aker
  • Log output to syslog is enabled by default by Brian Aker
  • Improvements to logging stats plugin
  • Removal of drizzleadmin utility (you can now do all administration from drizzle client itself) by Andrew Hutchings
  • Improved Regex Plugin by Clint Byrum
  • Improvements to pandora build by Monty Taylor
  • New version numbering system and support for it in pandora-build by Henrik Ingo
  • Updated DEB and RPM packages, by Henrik Ingo
  • Revamped testing system Kewpie all-inclusive with suites of randgen, sysbench, sql-bench, and crashme tests by Patrick Crews
  • Removal of HailDB engine by Stewart Smith
  • Removal of PBMS engine
  • Continued code refactoring by Olaf van der Spek, Brian Aker and others
  • many bug fixes
  • Brian Aker ,Mark Atwood- Continuous Integration
  • Vijay Samuel – Release Manager

From the documentation page:

Drizzle is a transactional, relational, community-driven open-source database that is forked from the popular MySQL database.

The Drizzle team has removed non-essential code, has re-factored the remaining code, and has converted the code to modern C++ and modern libraries.


  • A database optimized for Cloud infrastructure and Web applications
  • Design for massive concurrency on modern multi-CPU architectures
  • Optimize memory use for increased performance and parallelism
  • Open source, open community, open design


  • Re-designed modular architecture providing plugins with defined APIs
  • Simple design for ease of use and administration
  • Reliable, ACID transactional

If you like databases and data structure research, now is a wonderful time to be active.