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noms (decentralized database)

Sunday, August 14th, 2016


From the webpage:

Noms is a decentralized database based on ideas from Git.

This repository contains two reference implementations of the database—one in Go, and one in JavaScript. It also includes a number of tools and sample applications.

Noms is different from other databases. It is:

  • Content-addressed. If you have some data you want to put into Noms, you don’t have to worry about whether it already exists. Duplicate data is automatically ignored. There is no update, only insert.
  • Append-only. When you commit data to Noms, you aren’t overwriting anything. Instead you’re adding to a historical record. By default, data is never removed from Noms. You can see the entire history of the database, diff any two commits, or rewind to any previous point in time.
  • Strongly-typed. Noms doesn’t have schemas that you design up front. Instead, each version of a Noms database has a type, which is generated automatically as you add data. You can write code against the type of a Noms database, confident that you’ve handled all the cases you need to.
  • Decentralized. If I give you a copy of my database, you and I can modify our copies disconnected from each other, and come back together and merge our changes efficiently and correctly days, weeks, or years later.

Noms is supported on Mac OS X and Linux. Windows usually works, but isn’t officially supported.

I’m taking a chance and adding a category for noms at this point.

I need to install Go 1.6+ at this point.

Not close to prime time but content-addressing and append-only are enough to prompt further investigation.