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Shadow-Activated QR Code Actually Useful and Cool

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Shadow-Activated QR Code Actually Useful and Cool Retailer’s sign scannable only at lunch by David Griner.

From the post:

For all the talk of mobile-marketing tech, there remains a pretty wide gap between the potential and the practicality of QR codes. That’s why it’s nice to see this case study from Korea, where a retailer increased lunchtime sales by 25 percent with a shadow-based QR code that’s only scannable in the middle of the day. Emart’s “Sunny Sale” codes are created with three-dimensional displays outside several dozen locations in Seoul. When the sun is at its zenith, the shadows line up, allowing the code to be scanned for access to coupons and online ordering. It’s a smart idea that, in the short term at least, has generated plenty of strong PR and sales. While the wow factor is sure to fade quickly, it’s still a great example of a marketer finding a way to turn QR codes into something actually worth scanning.

From Seoul. No surprise there. Heavy investment in education and technology infrastructure. Some soon-to-be-former technology leaders did the same thing but then lost their way.

If you think of QR codes as a cheap equivalent to a secure RFID tag, you have to “see” it to scan it, it should be more popular than it is. Physical security being the first principle of network security (to “see” the QR code).

Museums could use QR codes (linking into topic maps) to provide information in multiple languages. With sponsors for coupons to local eateries. No expensive tags, networks, sensors, etc.