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Akiban Persistit

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Akiban Persistit

From the webpage:

We have worked hard to make Akiban Persistit™ exceptionally fast, reliable, simple and lightweight. We hope you will enjoy learning more about it and using it.

Akiban Persistit is a key/value data storage library written in Java™. Key features include:

  • support for highly concurrent transaction processing with multi-version concurrency control
  • optimized serialization and deserialization mechanism for Java primitives and objects
  • multi-segment (compound) keys to enable a natural logical key hierarchy
  • support for long records (megabytes)
  • implementation of a persistent SortedMap
  • extensive management capability including command-line and GUI tools

This chapter briefly and informally introduces and demonstrates various Persistit features through examples. Subsequent chapters and the Javadoc API documentation provides a detailed reference guide to the product.

Jack Park sent a URL to a webinar on Persistit the other day.

What is your “transaction” strategy?