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30 Days to Data Storytelling

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

30 Days to Data Storytelling by James Lytle.

From the post:

We learn best from a diversity of inputs. That’s partly why our previous 30 days exercise sheet was such a huge hit.

It’s critical for analysts and presenters of data to share information in a way that people just get it. Enter data storytelling – a magical elixir to all your data communication woes! Well, maybe not quite. But you should be aware of recent efforts using this timeless approach to deliver information so naturally – through stories.

That’s why we’ve created 30 Days to Data Storytelling.

This exercise breaks down a structured (yet casual) introduction to data storytelling through a variety resources. We wanted to provide a diversity of depth and inspiration. Feel free to skip around or follow our 4 week sequence. Print it and post it near the water cooler or slap it to your virtual desktop.

I don’t have a water cooler but I will post “30 Days to Data Storytelling” next to my monitors.

Whatever the subject, knowledge you can’t communicate to others, is lost.

Data Storytelling: The Ultimate Collection of Resources

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Data Storytelling: The Ultimate Collection of Resources by Zach Gemignani.

From the post:

The hot new concept in data visualization is “data storytelling”; some are calling it the next evolution of visualization (I’m one of them). However, we’re early in the discussion and there are more questions than answers:

  • Is data storytelling more than a catchy phrase?
  • Where does data storytelling fit into the broader landscape of data exploration, visualization, and presentation?
  • How can the traditional tools of storytelling improve how we communicate with data?
  • Is it more about story-telling or story-finding?

Many of the bright minds in the data visualization field have started to tackle these questions — and it is something that we’ve been exploring at Juice in our work. Below you’ll find a collection of some of the best blog posts, presentations, research papers, and other resources that take on this topic.

I count ten (10) blog posts, four (4) presentations, five (5) papers and eight (8) tools, examples and other resources.

Get yourself a fresh cup of coffee. You are going to be here a while.

PS: I don’t know that “data storytelling” is new or if the last century or so suffered a real drought in “data storytelling.”

Medieval cathedrals were exercises in storytelling but a modern/literate audience fails to appreciate them as designed.