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Functional Genomics Data Society – FGED

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Functional Genomics Data Society – FGED

While searching out the MAGE-TAB standard, I found:

The Functional Genomics Data Society – FGED Society, founded in 1999 as the MGED Society, advocates for open access to genomic data sets and works towards providing concrete solutions to achieve this. Our goal is to assure that investment in functional genomics data generates the maximum public benefit. Our work on defining minimum information specifications for reporting data in functional genomics papers have already enabled large data sets to be used and reused to their greater potential in biological and medical research.

We work with other organisations to develop standards for biological research data quality, annotation and exchange. We facilitate the creation and use of software tools that build on these standards and allow researchers to annotate and share their data easily. We promote scientific discovery that is driven by genome wide and other biological research data integration and meta-analysis.

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