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ActionGenerator, Part Two

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Rafał Kuć returns in: ActionGenerator, Part Two to cover action generators for Elastic Search and Solr.

Just in case you are interested. 😉

Both include indexing and query action generators, just in case you want to stress your deployment before a big opening day. (Zero day crashes don’t encourage your user/customer base.)

Future plans include action generators for SenseiDB.

ActionGenerator, Part One

Friday, June 15th, 2012

ActionGenerator, Part One

Rafał Kuć writes:

In this post we’ll introduce you to ActionGenerator, one of several open source projects we are working on. ActionGenerator lets you generate actions (you can also think of actions as events) from an action sources and play those actions with ActionGenerator’s action player to one of the sinks. The rest is done by ActionGenerator. ActionGenerator comes with several action sources and sinks, but one can easily implement custom action sources and sinks and play them with ActionGenerator. Let’s dig into the details.

This is the first part of the two-part post series where we show what ActionGenerator is, how you can use it for your needs, how you can extend it, and finally what existing action generators are there for you to use out-of-the-box.

What is ActionGenerator?

ActionGenerator is focused on generating actions (aka events) of your choice. Imagine you want to feed your search engine with millions of documents or you want to run stress test and see if your application can work under load for hours. That’s exactly where you can use ActionGenerator. If existing sources and sinks don’t fit your needs all you have to do is write a simple action type, your action source, and a sink to consume those actions, and you are ready to go. The rest, which includes playing those actions and their parallelization with multiple-threads, as well as performance metrics/stats gathering, is done by ActionGenerator itself. You only need to worry about your actions.

Current Status

So far at Sematext we’ve written all code needed to generate data and query actions for search engines like Apache Solr, ElasticSearch and SenseiDB. All this is included in ActionGenerator so you could use it, too. We’ll expand the number of sources and sinks over time based on our own needs, but if you would like to add support for other sources and sinks, please issue a pull request — contributions are always very welcome! 🙂

Sounds like something interesting to look at over the weekend!

What would you like to be testing?