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Prediction API – Machine Learning from Google

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Prediction API – Machine Learning from Google by Istvan Szegedi.

From the post:

One of the exciting APIs among the 50+ APIs offered by Google is the Prediction API. It provides pattern matching and machine learning capabilities like recommendations or categorization. The notion is similar to the machine learning capabilities that we can see in other solutions (e.g. in Apache Mahout): we can train the system with a set of training data and then the applications based on Prediction API can recommend (“predict”) what products the user might like or they can categories spams, etc.

In this post we go through an example how to categorize SMS messages – whether they are spams or valuable texts (“hams”).

Nice introduction to Google’s Prediction API.

A use case for topic map authoring would be to route content to appropriate experts for further evaluation.

Updated Google Prediction API

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Updated Google Prediction API

From the post:

Although we can’t reliably compare its future-predicting abilities to a crystal ball, the Google Prediction API unlocks a powerful mechanism to use machine learning in your applications.

The Prediction API allows developers to train their own predictive models, taking advantage of Google’s world-class machine learning algorithms. It can be used for all sorts of classification and recommendation problems from spam detection to message routing decisions. In the latest release, the Prediction API has added more detailed debugging information on trained models and a new App Engine sample, which illustrates how to use the Google Prediction API for the Java and Python runtimes.

To help App Engine developers get started with the prediction API, we’ve published an article and walkthrough detailing how to create and manage predictive models in App Engine apps with simple authentication using OAuth2 and service accounts. Check out the walkthrough and let us know what you think on the group. Happy coding!

OK, so what do I do when I leave my crystal ball at home?

Oh, that is why this is on the “cloud” I suppose. 😉

Are you using the Google Prediction API? Would appreciate hearing from satisfied/unsatisfied users. Certainly the sort of thing that could be important in authoring/curating a topic map.