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Thursday, March 29th, 2012


From the webpage:


Related is a Redis-backed high performance distributed graph database.

Raison d’être

Related is meant to be a simple graph database that is fun, free and easy to use. The intention is not to compete with “real” graph databases like Neo4j, but rather to be a replacement for a relational database when your data is better described as a graph. For example when building social software. Related is very similar in scope and functionality to Twitters FlockDB, but is among other things designed to be easier to setup and use. Related also has better documentation and is easier to hack on. The intention is to be web scale, but we ultimately rely on the ability of Redis to scale (using Redis Cluster for example). Read more about the philosophy behind Related in the Wiki.

Well, which is it?

A “Redis-backed high performance distributed graph database,”


“…not to compete with “real” graph databases like Neo4j….?”

If the intent is to have a “web scale” distributed graph database, then it will be competing with other graph database products.

If you are building a graph database, keep an eye on René Pickhardt’s blog for notices about the next meeting of his graph reading club.