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CXAIR Dynamic Venn Diagrams

Monday, July 11th, 2011

CXAIR Dynamic Venn Diagrams

From the description:

Brief overview of how Venn diagrams work in CXAIR. The Venn’s are created on the fly and allow you to find relationships in your data in an extremely visual and easy to use way.

Take the five (5) minutes it will take to watch this video.

This is an example of a good interface. Good, not great.

Works well with crisp data and sharp boundaries. Fuzzy or uncertain data, perhaps not as good.

Still, there is a lot of data with (alleged anyway) sharp boundaries. CXAIR is a good tool for exploring such data in order to create a topic map.

See: for more details.

Research question: To what extent is the overlapping of properties the specification of complex identities? Works in the demonstration to identify collective subjects. (A subject that is a collection of subjects.) Should work for singleton subjects (depending on your definition).

Would it be helpful to have associations with other subjects displayed while constructing an identification for a singleton subject? How would you decide which ones to display?