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Kindred Britain

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Kindred Britian by Nicholas Jenkins, Elijah Meeks and Scott Murray.

From the website:

Kindred Britain is a network of nearly 30,000 individuals — many of them iconic figures in British culture — connected through family relationships of blood, marriage, or affiliation. It is a vision of the nation’s history as a giant family affair.

A quite remarkable resource.

Family relationships connecting people, a person’s relationship to geographic locations and a host of other associated details for 30,000 people await you!

From the help page:


Originating Kindred Britain by Nicholas Jenkins

Developing Kindred Britain by Elijah Meeks and Karl Grossner

Designing Kindred Britain by Scott Murray

Kindred Britain: Statistics by Elijah Meeks


User’s Guide by Hannah Abalos and Nicholas Jenkins


Glossary by Hannah Abalos and Emma Townley-Smith


Terms of Use

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An acronym that may puzzle you: ODNB – Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

In Developing Kindred Britain you will learn Kindred Britain has no provision for reader annotation or contribution of content.

Given a choice between the rich presentation and capabilities of Kindred Britain, which required several technical innovations and less capabilities but reader annotation, I would always choose the former over the latter.

You should forward the link to Kindred Britain to anyone working on robust exploration and display of data, academic or otherwise.