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Distributed Graph DB Reading Club Returns! (4th April 2012)

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Distributed Graph DB Reading Club Returns! (4th April 2012)

René Pickhardt writes:

The reading club was quite inactive due to traveling and also a not optimal process for the choice of literature. That is why a new format for the reading club has been discussed and agreed upon.

The new Format means that we have 4 new rules

  1. we will only discuss up to 3 papers in 90 minutes of time. So rough speaking we have 30 minutes per paper but this does not have to be strict.
  2. The decided papers should be read by everyone before the reading club takes place.
  3. For every paper there is one responsible person (moderator) who did read the entire paper before he suggested it as a common reading.
  4. Open questions to the (potential) reading assignments and ideas for reading can and should be discussed on (use the same template as I used for the reading assignments in this blogpost) eg:

Paper download:
Why to read it
topics to discuss / open questions:

For next meeting on April 4th 2 pm CET (in two days) the literature will be:

In case you haven’t noticed, the 4th of April is day after tomorrow!

Time for the reading glasses and strong coffee!