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“AvocadoDB” becomes “ArangoDB”

Monday, May 28th, 2012

“AvocadoDB” becomes “ArangoDB”

From the post:

to avoid legal issues with some other Avocado lovers we have to change the name of our database. We want to stick to Avocados and selected a variety from Mexico/Guatemala called “Arango”.

So in short words: AvocadoDB will become ArangoDB in the next days, everything else remains the same. 🙂

We are making great progress towards version 1 (deadline is end of May). The simple query language is finished and documented and the more complex ArangoDB query language (AQL) is mostly done. So stay tuned. And: in case you know someone who is a node.js user and interesting in writing an API for ArangoDB: let me know!

We will all shop with more confidence knowing the “avocado” at Kroger isn’t a noSQL database masquerading as a piece of fruit.

Another topic map type issue: There are blogs, emails (public and private), all of which refer to “AvocadoDB.” Hard to pretend those aren’t “facts.” The question will be how to index “ArangoDB” so that we pick up prior traffic on “AvocadoDB?”

Such as design or technical choices made in “AvocadoDB” that are the answers to issues with “ArangoDB.”

AvocadoDB Query Language

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

AvocadoDB Query Language

This just in, resources on the proposed AvocadoDB query language.

There are slides, a presentation, a “visualization” (railroad diagram).

Apparently not set in stone (yet) so take the time to review and make comments.

BTW, blog comments are a good idea but a mailing list might be better?


Thursday, March 29th, 2012


From the webpage:

We recently started a new open source project – a nosql database called AvocadoDB.

Key features include:

  • Schema-free schemata let you combine the space efficiency of MySQL with the performance power of NoSQL
  • Use AvocadoDB as an application server and fuse your application and database together for maximal throughput
  • JavaScript for all: no language zoo, use just one language from your browser to your back-end
  • AvocadoDB is multi-threaded – exploit the power of all your cores
  • Flexible data modeling: model your data as combination of key-value pairs, documents or graphs – perfect for social relations
  • Free index choice: use the correct index for your problem, be it a skip list or a n-gram search
  • Configurable durability: let the application decide if it needs more durability or more performance
  • No-nonsense storage: AvocadoDB uses of all the power of modern storage hardware, like SSD and large caches
  • It is open source (Apache Licence 2.0)

The presentation you will find at the homepage says you can view your data as a graph. Apparently edges can have multiple properties. Looks worth further investigation.