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CodernityDB [Origin of the 3 V’s of Big Data]

Sunday, November 11th, 2012


From the webpage:

CodernityDB pure python, NoSQL, fast database¶

CodernityDB is opensource, pure Python (no 3rd party dependency), fast (really fast check Speed if you don’t believe in words), multiplatform, schema-less, NoSQL database. It has optional support for HTTP server version (CodernityDB-HTTP), and also Python client library (CodernityDB-PyClient) that aims to be 100% compatible with embedded version.

“The hills are alive, with the sound of NoSQL databases….”

Sorry, I usually only sing in the shower. 😉

I haven’t done a statistical survey (that may be in the offing) but it does seem like the stream of NoSQL databases continues unabated.

What I don’t know and you might: Has there always be a rumble of alternative databases and looking makes them appear larger/more numerous? As in a side view mirror.

If we can discover what makes NoSQL databases popular now, that may apply to semantic integration.

I don’t buy the 3 V’s, Velocity, Volume, Variety, as an explanation for NoSQL database adoption.

Doug Laney, now of Gartner, Inc., then of Meta Group coined that phrase in “3D Data Management: Controlling Data Volume, Velocity and Variety“, Date: 6 February 2001:*

E-Commerce, in particular, has exploded data management challenges along three dimensions: volumes, velocity, and variety.

I don’t recall the current level of interest in NoSQL databases when faced with the same problems in 2001.

So what else has changed? (I don’t know or I would say.)


I was alerted to the origin of the three V’s by a reference to Doug Laney by Stephen Swoyer in Big Data — Why the 3Vs Just Don’t Make Sense and then followed a reference in Big Data (Wikipedia) to find the link I reproduce above.