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Hadoop, The Perfect App for OpenStack

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Hadoop, The Perfect App for OpenStack by Shaun Connolly.

From the post:

The convergence of big data and cloud is a disruptive market force that we at Hortonworks not only want to encourage but also accelerate. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Rackspace have been perfect examples of bringing Hadoop to the cloud in a way that enables choice and delivers meaningful value to enterprise customers. In January, Hortonworks joined the OpenStack Foundation in support of our efforts with Rackspace (i.e. OpenStack-based Hadoop solution for the public and private cloud).

Today, we announced our plans to work with engineers from Red Hat and Mirantis within the OpenStack community on open source Project Savanna to automate the deployment of Hadoop on enterprise-class OpenStack-powered clouds.

Why is this news important?

Because big data and cloud computing are two of the top priorities in enterprise IT today, and it’s our intention to work diligently within the Hadoop and OpenStack open source communities to deliver solutions in support of these market needs. By bringing our Hadoop expertise to the OpenStack community in concert with Red Hat (the leading contributor to OpenStack), Mirantis (the leading system integrator for OpenStack), and Rackspace (a founding member of OpenStack), we feel we can speed the delivery of operational agility and efficient sharing of infrastructure that deploying elastic Hadoop on OpenStack can provide.

Why is this news important for topic maps?

Have you noticed that none, read none of the big data or cloud efforts say anything about data semantics?

As if when big data and the cloud arrives, all your data integration problems will magically melt away.

I don’t think so.

What I think is going to happen is discordant data sets are going to start rubbing and binding on each other. Perhaps not a lot at first but as data explorers get bolder, the squeaks are going to get louder.

So loud in fact the squeaks (now tearing metal sounds) are going to attract the attention of… (drum roll)… the CEO.

What’s your answer for discordant data?

  • Ear plugs?
  • Job with another company?
  • Job in another country?
  • Job under an assumed name?

I would say none of the above.