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Apologies for Missing Yesterday

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

I have posted everyday to this blog except for one day when a network failure prevented my posting and yesterday.

Carol, my wife, fell Thursday at work and broke her left arm just about the wrist. Rather badly. Yesterday we spent all morning trying to coordinate between insurers, the surgeon and hospital.

We drove to the hospital just after lunch yesterday and the beginning of “hospital” time. Clock time reports the trip took over nine (9) hours but “hospital” time has a quality all its own. I don’t have the words to describe it but if you have ever waited for a loved one in a hospital, you will know what I mean. To others who haven’t had that experience, I hope you never do.

The full arm cast is going to be a nuisance for at least six (6) weeks but so far as we know, the surgery was successful (pins and all that stuff).

I thought about posting late last night but knew that whatever I posted would either be inconsequential and/or incoherent. Not the level of content that I strive for on this blog.

In addition to being Carol’s left arm today, I should find some time for a couple of posts I have been meaning to make. One of which is on actors in C++ that out perform Erlang. Yes! And a couple of other treats that I spotted this week.