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Davy Suvee on FluxGraph – Towards a time aware graph built on Datomic

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Davy Suvee on FluxGraph – Towards a time aware graph built on Datomic by René Pickhardt.

From the post:

Davy really nicely introduced the problem of looking at a snapshot of a data base. This problem obviously exists for any data base technology. You have a lot of timestamped records but running a query as if you fired it a couple of month ago is always a difficult challange.

With FluxGraph a solution to this is introduced.

How I understood him in the talk he introduces new versions of a vertex or an edge everytime it gets updated, added or removed. So far I am wondering about scaling and runtime. This approach seems like a lot of overhead to me. Later during Q & A I began to have the feeling that he has a more efficient way of storing this information so I really have to get in touch with davy to rediscuss the internals.

FluxGraph anyway provides a very clean API to access these temporal information.

FluxGraph at GitHub.

Time is an obvious issue in any business or medical context.

But also important when the news hounds ask: “Who knew what when?”

And there you may have personal relationships, meetings, communications, etc.

Gephi Blueprints plugin

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Gephi Blueprints plugin by David Suvee.

From the homepage:

The Gephi Blueprints plugin allows a user to import graph-data from any graph database that implements the Tinkerpop Blueprints generic graph API. Out of the box, the plugin provides support for TinkerGraph, Neo4j, OrientDB, Dex and RexterGraph. Additionally, it also provides support for the FluxGraph temporal graph database.


Not to mention having a short list of interesting graph software to boot!