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Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

I discovered this site while looking for “official” statistics to debunk claims about air travel and screening for terrorists. (Begging National Security Questions #1)

I didn’t find it an easy site to navigate but that probably reflects my lack of familiarity with the data being collected. A short guide with a very good index would be quite useful.

A real treasure trove of transportation information (from the about page):

Major Programs of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)

It is important to remember that federal agencies (and their equivalents under other governments) have distinct agendas. When confronting outlandish claims from one of the security agencies, it helps to have contradictory data gathered by other, “disinterested,” agencies of the same government.

Security types can dismiss your evidence and analysis as “that’s what you think.” After all, their world is nothing but suspicion and conjecture. Why shouldn’t that be true for others?

Not as easy to dismiss data and analysis by other government agencies.

OAG Launches Mapper, a New Network Analysis Mapping Tool

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

OAG Launches Mapper, a New Network Analysis Mapping Tool

From the post:

OAG, a UBM Aviation brand, today unveiled its new aviation analysis mapping tool, OAG Mapper. This latest innovation, from the global leader in aviation intelligence, combines a powerful global flight schedule query with advanced mapping software technology to quickly plot route network maps, based on data drawn from OAG’s market leading schedules database of 1,000 airlines and over 3,500 airports. It is ideal for those in commercial, marketing and strategic planning roles across the airlines, airports, tourism, consulting and route network related industry sectors.

A web-based tool that eliminates the need to hand-draw network routes onto maps, OAG Mapper allows users to either import IATA Airport codes, or to enter a carrier, airport, equipment type or a combination of these and generate custom network maps in seconds. The user can then highlight key routes by changing the thickness and colour of the lines and label them for easy reference, save the map to their profile and export to jpeg for use in network planning, forecasting, strategy and executive presentations.

This has aviation professional written all over it.

And what does aviation bring to mind? that’s right! Coin of the realm! Lot of coins from lots of realms.

Two thoughts:

First and the most obvious, use this service in tandem with other information for aviation professionals to create enhanced services for their use. Ask aviation professional what they would like to see and how they would like to see it. (Novel software theory: Give users what they want, how they want it. Easier sell than educating them.)

Second, we have all seen the travel sites that plot schedules, fees, destinations, hotels and car rentals.

But when was the last time you flew to an airport, rented a car and stayed in a hotel? That was the sum total of your trip?

Every location in the world has more to offer than that, well, not the South Pole but they don’t have a car rental agency. Or any beach. So why go there?

Sorry, got distracted. Every location in the world (with one exception, see above) has more than airports, hotels and car rentals. Suggestion: Use topic maps (non-obviously) to create information/reservation rich information environments.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is an example of an event with literally thousands of connections to be made in addition to airport, hotel and car rental. Your application could be the one that crosses all the information systems (or lack thereof) to provide that unique experience.

Could hard code it but I assume you are brighter than that.