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Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

MapReduceXMT from Sandia National Laboratories.

From the webpage:

Welcome to MapReduceXMT

MapReduceXMT is a library that ports the MapReduce paradigm to the Cray XMT.

MapReduceXMT is copyrighted and released under a Berkeley open source license. However, the code is still very much in development and there has not been a formal release of the software.

SPEED-MT Semantic Processing Executed Efficiently and Dynamically

This trac site is currently being used to house SPEED-MT, which contains a set of algorithms and data structures for processing semantic web data on the Cray XMT.

SPEED-MT Modules

  • Dictionary Encoding
  • Decoding
  • RDFS/OWL Closure
  • RDF Stats
  • RDF Dedup

OK, so this one is tied a little more closely to the Cray XMT. ­čśë

But modules are ones that are likely to be of interest for processing RDF triples/quads.

This was cited in “High-performance Computing Applied to Semantic Databases” article that I covered in Is That A Graph In Your Cray?