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The Teradata add-on package for R

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

The Teradata add-on package for R

Ajay Ohri writes:

teradataR is a package or library that allows R users to easily connect to Teradata, establish data frames (R data formats) to Teradata and to call in-database analytic functions within Teradata. This allows R users to work within their R console environment while leveraging the in-database functions developed with Teradata Warehouse Miner. This package provides 44 different analytical functions and an additional 20 data connection and R infrastructure functions. In addition, we’ve added a function that will list the stored procedures within Teradata provide the capability to call functions from R.

I won’t repeat more of the post as it is detailed and long (but usefully so).

For details on the Teradata Warehouse Miner see Teradata.

Analytical packages are important but analysis/data never makes decisions. Insightful analysts and decision makers do, the successful ones at any rate.


Sunday, September 18th, 2011


From the webpage:

Terrastore, being based on a rock solid technology such as Terracotta, will focus more and more on advanced features and extensibility. Right now, Terrastore provides support for:

  • Custom data partitioning.
  • Event processing.
  • Push-down predicates.
  • Range queries.
  • Map/Reduce querying and processing.
  • Server-side update functions. was just released.

This new version comes with several bug fixes and rock solid stability (at least, we hope so 😉 , other than a few important enhancements and new features such as:

  • Update to Terracotta 3.5.2 with performance improvements and reduced memory consumption.
  • Bulk operations.
  • Improved Javascript integration, with the possibility to dynamically load Javascript functions from files to use in server-side updates and map-reduce processing.

The Map/Reduce querying and processing is of obvious interest for topic map applications.