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RavenDB 2.0…

Friday, January 11th, 2013

RavenDB 2.0 Is Out: Over 6 Months of Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes by Alex Popescu.

Alex posted about the RavenDB 2.0 release and dug up older information that listed the interesting features for RavenDB 2.0.

Substantial number of improvements. See Alex’s post for the details.

Progressive NoSQL Tutorials

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Have you ever gotten an advertising email with clean links in it? I mean a link without all the marketing crap appended to the end. The stuff you have to clean off before using it in a post or sending it to a friend?

Got my first one today. From Skills Matter on the free videos for their Progressive NoSQL Tutorials that just concluded.

High quality presentations, videos freely available after presentation, friendly links in email, just a few of the reasons to support Skills Matter.

The tutorials:

NoSQL Screencast: Building a StackOverflow Clone With RavenDB

Monday, December 19th, 2011

NoSQL Screencast: Building a StackOverflow Clone With RavenDB

Ayenda and Justin cover:

  • Map/Reduce indexes
  • Modelling tags
  • Facets
  • Performance
  • RavenDB profiler

Entire project is on Github, just in case you want to review the code.

Raven DB – Stable Build – 573

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Raven DB – Stable Build – 573

From the email:

We now have a new stable build (finally).

It got delayed because of the new UI, and we *still have *new UI features that you’ll probably like that are going to show up on the unstable build, because I decided that enough is enough. We had almost two months without a real stable build, and we have had major work to improve things.

All our production stuff is now running 573. Here are all the new stuff:


  • The new UI is in the stable build
  • Optimized indexing – will not index documents that can be pre-filtered
  • Optimizing deletes
  • Reduced memory usage

New features:

  • Logs are available over the http API and using the new UI
  • Optimized handling of the server for big documents by streaming documents, rather than copying them
  • Updated to 4.0.5
  • adding a way to control the capitalization of document keys
  • Added “More Like This” bundle
  • Licensing status is now reported in the UI.
  • Provide an event to notify about changes in failover status
  • Adding support for incremental backups
  • Allow nested queries to be optimized by the query optmizier
  • Use less memory on 32 bits systems
  • Raven.Backup executable
  • Much better interactive mode
  • Supporting projecting of complex paths
  • Support Count, Length on json paths
  • Allow to configure multi tenant idle times
  • Adding command line option to get all configuration documentation
  • Properly handle the scenario where we are unloading the domain / exiting without shutting down the database.
  • Will now push unstable versions to nuget as well

Something nice for the Windows side of the house.

Scaling with RavenDB

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Scaling with RavenDB

From the description:

Scaling the data tier is a topic that many find scary. In this webcast, Oren Eini and Nick VanMatre, Solutions Architect at Archstone, sit down to discuss the scaling options for Archstone’s newest project, a re-architecture of their internal and external apartment-management applications.

Discussed are the options for scaling RavenDB, including sharding, replication and multi-master setups.

Something to start your week!

Introduction to RavenDB

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Introduction to RavenDB by Rob Ashton.

From the description:

In this session we will give a brief introduction to the concept of a document database and how it relates to what we already know before launching into a series of code demos using the RavenDB .NET Client API.

We will cover basic document structure, persistence, unit of work, querying / searching, and demonstrate real world use for map/reduce in our applications.

The usual (should I say expected?) difficulties with being unable to read the slides and/or examples in a video. Slides really should be provided with video presentations.

If you are interested in RavenDB, there are more presentations and blogs entries at Rob Ashton’s blog.

RavenDB Webinar #1

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

RavenDB Webinar #1 was announced at: Hibernating Rhinos: Zero friction databases.

From the webpage:

The first ever RavenDB webinar aired last week, Thursday the 8th, and it was a great success. We announced it only about 12 hours in advance, yet 260+ people registered. Unfortunately the software we were using only allowed 100 people in – our apologies for all of you who wanted to participate but couldn’t get in, or heard of it too late.

More videos said to be coming!


Monday, July 4th, 2011


Raven is an Open Source (with a commercial option) document database for the .NET/Windows platform. Raven offers a flexible data model design to fit the needs of real world systems. Raven stores schema-less JSON documents, allow you to define indexes using Linq queries and focus on low latency and high performance.

  • Scalable infrastructure: Raven builds on top of existing, proven and scalable infrastructure
  • Simple Windows configuration: Raven is simple to setup and run on windows as either a service or IIS7 website
  • Transactional: Raven support System.Transaction with ACID transactions. If you put data in it, that data is going to stay there
  • Map/Reduce: Easily define map/reduce indexes with Linq queries
  • .NET Client API: Raven comes with a fully functional .NET client API which implements Unit of Work and much more
  • RESTful: Raven is built around a RESTful API

Haven’t meant to neglect the .Net world, just don’t visit there very often. 😉 Will try to do better in the future.