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ROMA User-Customizable NoSQL Database in Ruby

Friday, January 27th, 2012

ROMA User-Customizable NoSQL Database in Ruby

From the presentation:

  • User-customizable NoSQL database in Ruby
  • Features
    • Key-value model
    • High scalability
    • High availability
    • Fault-tolerance
    • Better throughput
    • And…
  • To meet application-specific needs, ROMA provides
    • Plug-in architecture
    • Domain specific language (DSL) for Plug-in
  • ROMA enables meeting the above need in Rakuten Travel

The ROMA source code:

Reportedly has 70 million users and while that may not be “web scale,” it may scale enough to meet your needs. 😉

Of particular interest are the DSL capabilities. See slides 31-33. Declaring your own commands. Something for other projects to consider.