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izik Debuts as #1 Free Reference App on iTunes

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

izik Debuts as #1 Free Reference App on iTunes

From the post:

We launched izik, our search app for tablets, last Friday and are amazed at the responses we’ve received! Thanks to our users, on day one izik was the #1 free reference app on iTunes and #49 free app overall. Yesterday we were mentioned twice in the New York Times, here and here (also in the B1 story in print). We are delighted that there is such a strong desire to see something fresh and new in search, and that our vision with izik is so well received.

The twitterverse has been especially active in spreading the word about izik. We’ve seen a lot of comments about the beautiful design and interface, the useful categories, and most importantly the high quality results that make izik a truly viable choice for searching on tablets.

Just last Monday I remarked: “From the canned video I get the sense that the interface is going to make search different.” (izik: Take Search for a Joy Ride on Your Tablet)

Users with tablets have supplied the input I asked for in that post and it is overwhelmingly in favor of izik.

To paraphrase Ray Charles in the Blues Brothers:

“E-excuse me, uh, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the action on [search applications].”

There is plenty of “action” left in the search space.

izik is fresh evidence for that proposition.