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MongoGraph One Ups MongoDB With Semantic Power (Humor)

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

MongoGraph One Ups MongoDB With Semantic Power by Jennifer Zaino.

From the post:

But Franz Inc. proposes an alternative for those who want more sophisticated functionality: Use the semantic power of its AllegroGraph Web 3.0 database to deal with complicated queries, via MongoGraph, a MongoDB API to AllegroGraph technology.

So, MongoGraph “One Ups” MongoDB by copying their API?

If MongoDB is as difficult to use as the article implies, wouldn’t that copying be going the other way?

Heard of anyone copying the Franz API lately?

Certainly not MongoDB. ­čśë

PS: As MongoDB points out:, there are things that MongoDB does better than others. (shrugs) That is true for all technologies. At least MongoDB is up front about it.