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User Generated Content and the Social Graph
(thoughts on merging)

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

User Generated Content and the Social Graph by Chris Chandler.

Uses Twitter as a case study. Covers Gizzard and FlockDB, both of which were written in Scala.

Wants to coin the term “MoSQL! (More than SQL).”

A couple of points of interest to topic mappers.

Relationships maintained as forward and backward edges. That is:

“A follows B” and

“B is followed by A”

Twitter design decision: Never delete edges!

Curious if any of the current topic map implementations follow that strategy with regard to merging? Thinking that the act of creating a new item either references other existing item (in which case create new version of those items) or it is an entirely new item.

In either case, a subsequent call returns a set of matching items and if more than one, take the most recent one by timestamp.

As Chris says, disk space is cheap.

Works for Twitter.