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An XQuery Module For Simplifying Semantic Namespaces

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

An XQuery Module For Simplifying Semantic Namespaces by Kurt Cagle.

From the post:

While I enjoy working with the MarkLogic 8 server, there are a number of features about the semantics library there that I still find a bit problematic. Declaring namespaces for semantics in particular is a pain—I normally have trouble remembering the namespaces for RDF or RDFS or OWL, even after working with them for several years, and once you start talking about namespaces that are specific to your own application domain, managing this list can get onerous pretty quickly.

I should point out however, that namespaces within semantics can be very useful in helping to organize and design an ontology, even a non-semantic ontology, and as such, my applications tend to be namespace rich. However, when working with Turtle, Sparql, RDFa, and other formats of namespaces, the need to incorporate these namespaces can be a real showstopper for any developer. Thus, like any good developer, I decided to automate my pain points and create a library that would allow me to simplify this process.

The code given here is in turtle and xquery, but I hope to build out similar libraries for use in JavaScript shortly. When I do, I’ll update this article to reflect those changes.

If you are forced to use a MarkLogic 8 server, great post on managing semantic namespaces.

If you have a choice of tools, something to consider before you willingly choose to use a MarkLogic 8 server.

I first saw this in a tweet by XQuery.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 namespace lookup for RDF developers

From the about page:

The intention of this service is to simplify a common task in the work of RDF developers: remembering and looking up URI prefixes.

You can look up prefixes from the search box on the homepage, or directly by typing URLs into your browser bar, such as or,dc,owl.ttl.

New prefix mappings can be added by anyone. If multiple conflicting URIs are submitted for the same namespace, visitors can vote for the one they consider the best. You are only allowed one vote or namespace submission per day.

For n3, xml, rdfa, sparql, the result interface shows the URI prefixes in use.

But if there is more than one URI prefix, difference URI prefixes appear with each example.

Don’t multiple, conflicting URI prefixes seem problematic to you?