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Free Data Mining Tools [African Market?]

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

The Best Data Mining Tools You Can Use for Free in Your Company by: Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN.

Short descriptions of the usual suspects but a couple (jHepWork and PSPP) that were new to me.

  1. RapidMiner
  2. RapidAnalytics
  3. Weka
  4. PSPP
  5. KNIME
  6. Orange
  7. Apache Mahout
  8. jHepWork
  9. Rattle

An interesting site in general.

Consider the following pitch for business success in Africa:

Africa: Your Business Should be Profitable in 45 days or Die

And the reasons for that claim:

1. “It’s almost virgin here. There are lot of opportunities, but you have to fight!”

2. “Target the vanity class with vanity products. The “new rich” have lot of money. They are though on everything except their big ego and social reputation”

3. “Target the lazy executives and middle managers. Do the job they are paid for as a consultant. Be good, and politically savvy, and the money is yours”

4. “You’ll make more money in selling food or opening a restaurant than working for the Bank”

5. “You can’t avoid politics, but learn to think like the people your are talking with. Always finish your sentence with something like “the most important is the country’s development, not power. We all have to work in that direction”

6. “It’s about hard work and passion, but you should first forget about managing time like in Europe.

Take time to visit people, go to the vanity parties, have the patience to let stupid people finish their long empty sentences, and make the politicians understand that your project could make them win elections and strengthen their positions”

7. “Speed is everything. Think fast, Act fast, Be everywhere through friends, family and informants”

With the exception of #1, all of these points are advice I would give to someone marketing topic maps on any continent.

It may be easier to market topic maps where there are few legacy IT systems that might feel threatened by a new technology.

DMR – Data Mining and Reporting (blog)

Friday, December 7th, 2012

DMR – Data Mining and Reporting by Rosaria Silipo.

Data mining focused on KNIME.

I followed a reference by Sandro Saitta to it.

KNIME website (in case it is unfamiliar).

First Look – Pervasive RushAnalyzer

Monday, April 9th, 2012

First Look – Pervasive RushAnalyzer

James Taylor writes:

Pervasive is best known for its data integration products but has recently been developing and releasing a series of products focused on analytics. RushAnalyzer is a combination of the KNIME data mining workbench (reviewed here) and Pervasive DataRush, a platform for parallelization and automatic scaling of data manipulation and analysis (reviewed here).

In the combined product, the base KNIME workbench has been extended for faster processing of larger data sets (big data) with a particular focus on use by analysts without any skills in parallelism or Hadoop programming. Pervasive has added parallelized KNIME nodes that include data access, data preparation and analytic modeling routines. KNIME’s support for extension means that KNIME’s interface is still what you use to define the modeling process but these processes can use the DataRush nodes to access and process larger volumes of data, read/write Hadoop-based data and automatically take full advantage of multi core, multi processor servers and clusters (including operations on Amazon’s EMR).

There is plenty of life left in closed source software but have you noticed the growing robustness of open source software?

I don’t know if that is attributable to the “open source” model as much as commercial enterprises that find contributing professional software skills to “open source” projects is a cost-effective way to get more programming buck for their money.

Think about it. They can hire some of the best software talent around, who then associate with more world class programming talent than any one company is likely to have in house.

And, the resulting “product” is the result of all those world class programmers and not just the investment of one vendor. (So their investment is less than if they were creating a product on their own.)

Not to mention that any government or enterprise who wants to use the software will need support contracts from, you guessed it, the vendors who contributed to the creation of the software.

And we all know that the return on service contracts is an order of magnitude or greater than the return on software products.

Support your local open source project. Your local vendor will be glad you did.

Knime 2.5

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Knime 2.5

From the announcement:

Also this year we are putting a new version of KNIME into your shoes, just in time for Nikolaus (St. Nicholas’ Day). KNIME 2.5 contains a number of new nodes (most notably powerful string manipulation nodes and an improved JFreeChart integration) and many usability enhancements. Note also that registration for our 2012 User Group Meeting is now open!

You can download KNIME here: and the complete list of changes here:

The 5th KNIME Users Group Meeting will take place in Zurich, Switzerland between January 30 and February 3, 2012. Similar to last year, the UGM is accompanied by a two-day KNIME user and reporting training program as well as special workshops from KNIME and the KNIME Partners on Friday. For more information and the registration form see:

If you can’t make it to Zurich, at least take the time to send the Knime team seasons greetings at: