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Update: TabLinker & UnTabLinker

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Update: TabLinker & UnTabLinker

From the post:

TabLinker, introduced in an earlier post, is a spreadsheet to RDF converter. It takes Excel/CSV files as input, and produces enriched RDF graphs with cell contents, properties and annotations using the DataCube and Open Annotation vocabularies.

TabLinker interprets spreadsheets based on hand-made markup using a small set of predefined styles (e.g. it needs to know what the header cells are). Work package 6 is currently investigating whether and how we can perform this step automatically.


  • Raw, model-agnostic conversion from spreadsheets to RDF
  • Interactive spreadsheet marking within Excel
  • Automatic annotation recognition and export with OA
  • Round-trip conversion: revive the original spreadsheet files from the produced RDF (UnTabLinker)

Even with conversion tools, the question has to be asked:

What was gained by the conversion? Yes, yes the data is now an RDF graph but what can I do now that I could not do before?

With the caveat that it has to be something I want to do.