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Thursday, December 13th, 2012


From the homepage:

Scalable end-user access to Big Data is critical for e ffective data analysis and value creation. Optique will bring about a paradigm shift for data access:

  • by providing a semantic end-to-end connection between users and data sources;
  • enabling users to rapidly formulate intuitive queries using familiar vocabularies and conceptualisations;
  • seamlessly integrating data spread across multiple distributed data sources, including streaming sources;
  • exploiting massive parallelism for scalability far beyond traditional RDBMSs and thus reducing the turnaround time for information requests to minutes rather than days.

Another new EU data project.

Website reports first software will be available towards the end of 2013.

Not much in the way of specifics but it is very early in the project.

Can anyone point me to a public version of their funding application?

I have been given to understand that funding applications have more detail that may appear in public announcements.

PS: I had trouble downloading a presentation by Peter Haase that is cited on the website so when I obtained it, I uploaded a local copy: On Demand Access to Big Data Through Semantic Technologies. (PDF)

I have seen the Linked Data cloud illustration many times. Have you seen it in comparison with the overall data cloud?