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Saturday, April 27th, 2013


From What We Do:

SnapLogic is the only cloud integration solution built on modern web standards and “containerized” Snaps, allowing you to easily connect any combination of Cloud, SaaS or On-premise applications and data sources.

We’ve now entered an era in which the Internet is the network, much of the information companies need to coordinate is no longer held in relational databases, and the number of new, specialized cloud applications grows each day. Today, organizations are demanding a faster and more modular way to interoperate with all these new cloud applications and data sources.

Prefab mapping components for data sources such as Salesforce, Oracle’s PeopleSoft, SAP (all for sale) and free components for Google Spreadsheet, HDFS, Hive and others.

Two observations:

First, the “snaps” are all for data sources and not data sets, although I don’t see any reason why data sets could not be the subject of snaps.

Second, the mapping examples I saw (caveat, I did not see them all), did not provide for the recording of the basis for data operations (read subject identity).

With regard to the second observation, my impression is that snaps can be extended to provide capabilities such as we would associate with a topic map.

Something to consider even if you are fielding your own topic map application.

I am going to be reading more about snapLogic and its products.

Sing out if you have pointers or suggestions.