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Starcounter To Be Fastest ACID Adherent NewSQL Database

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Starcounter To Be Fastest ACID Adherent NewSQL Database by Sudheer Vatsavaya.

Starcounter has last week said that its launch of in-memory database is capable to process millions of transactions per second on a single server. Such a database is designed on its patent pending VMDBMS technology which offers combined power of virtual machine (VM) and Database management system (DBMS) to process the data at required volumes and speeds.

The company claims Starcounter to be more than 100 times faster than traditional databases and 10 times faster than high performance databases, the new in-memory database is ideal for highly transactional large-scale and real-time applications. It can handle millions of users, integrate with applications to increase performance, and guarantee consistency by processing millions of ACID-compliant database transactions per second while managing up to a terabyte of updatable data on a single server.

Few things that clearly come out in the design and ambition of company is the belief that the way ahead is not SQL or NoSQL but its NewSQL which adheres to ACID attributes and at the same time overcomes the issue of being scalable to todays data scalability needs. This cannot be achieved in either of the former types of databases. While SQL structured databases cannot scale upto the needs, NOSQL databases are built around CAP theorem that says either of the three parameters Availability, Consistency or Partition tolerance has to be compromised.

Sounds interesting but runs on .Net.

I will have to rely on reports from others.