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EMC Greenplum puts a social spin on big data

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

EMC Greenplum puts a social spin on big data

From the post:

Greenplum, the analytics division of EMC, has announced new software that lets data analysts explore all their organization’s data and share interesting findings and data sets Facebook-style among their colleagues. The product is called Chorus, and it wraps around EMC’s Greenplum Database and Hadoop distribution, making all that data available for the data team work with.

The pitch here is about unifying the analytic database and Hadoop environments and making it as easy and collaborative as possible to work with data, since EMC thinks a larger percentage of employees will have to figure out how to analyze business data. Plus, because EMC doesn’t have any legacy database or business intelligence products to protect, the entire focus of the Greenplum division is on providing the best big-data experience possible.

From the Chorus product page:

Greenplum Chorus enables Big Data agility for your data science team. The first solution of its kind, Greenplum Chorus provides an analytic productivity platform that enables the team to search, explore, visualize, and import data from anywhere in the organization. It provides rich social network features that revolve around datasets, insights, methods, and workflows, allowing data analysts, data scientists, IT staff, DBAs, executives, and other stakeholders to participate and collaborate on Big Data. Customers deploy Chorus to create a self-service agile analytic infrastructure; teams can create workspaces on the fly with self-service provisioning, and then instantly start creating and sharing insights.

Chorus breaks down the walls between all of the individuals involved in the data science team and empowers everyone who works with your data to more easily collaborate and derive insight from that data.

Note to EMC Greenplum: If you want people to at least consider products, don’t hide them so that searching is necessary to find them. Just an FYI.

Resources is pretty thin but better than the blah-blah “more information page.” Could have more details, perhaps a demo version?

A button that says “Contact Sales” makes me loose interest real quick. I don’t need some software sales person pinging me during an editing cycle to know if I have installed the “free” software yet and am I ready to order? Buying software really should be on my schedule, not his/hers. Yes?