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NuoDB: Deployment Architecture with Seth Proctor

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

NuoDB: Deployment Architecture with Seth Proctor.

A very, very high level view of NuoDB (warning SQL/ACID database).

For those of you who don’t think SQL/ACID is all that weird, it is a fairly compelling presentation.

What I like about it is Seth is clear and to the point. Not always the case, even with short videos.

Will be interesting to see if the clarity remains in future videos.

I visited today but did not see more recent videos listed.

NuoDB [Everything in NuoDB is an Atom]

Saturday, November 24th, 2012


I last wrote about NuoDB in February of 2012, it was still in private beta release.

You can now download a free community edition with a limit of two nodes for the usual platforms.

The “under the hood” page reads (in part):

Everything in NuoDB is an Atom

Under the hood, NuoDB is an asynchronous, decentralized, peer-to-peer database. The NuoDB system is also object-oriented. Objects in NuoDB know how to perform various actions that create specific behaviors in the overall database. And at the heart of every object in NuoDB is the Atom. An Atom in NuoDB is like a single bird in a flock.

Atoms are self-describing objects (data and metadata) that together comprise the database. Everything in the NuoDB database is an Atom, including the schema, the indexes, and even the underlying data. For example, each table is an Atom that describes the metadata for the table and can reference other Atoms; such as Atoms that describe ranges of records in the table and their versions.

Atoms are Powerful

Atoms are intelligent, powerful, self-describing objects that together form the NuoDB database. Atoms know how to perform many actions, like these:

  • Atoms know how to make copies of themselves.
  • Atoms keep all copies of themselves up to date.
  • Atoms can broadcast messages. Atoms listen for events and changes from other Atoms.
  • Atoms can request data from other Atoms.
  • Atoms can serialize themselves to persistent storage.
  • Atoms can retrieve data from storage.

The Atoms are the Database

Everything in the database is an Atom, and the Atoms are the database. The Atoms work in concert to form both the Transaction (or Compute) Tier, and the Storage Tier.

A NuoDB Transaction Engine is a process that executes the SQL layer and is comprised completely of Atoms. The Transaction Engine operates on Atoms, listens for changes, and communicates changes with other Transaction Engines in the database.

A NuoDB Storage Manager is simply a special kind of Transaction Engine that allows Atoms to serialize themselves to permanent storage (such as a local disk or Amazon S3, for example).

A NuoDB database can be as simple as a single Transaction Engine and a single Storage Manager, or can be as complex as tens of Transaction Engines and Storage Managers distributed across dozens of computer hosts.

Some wag in a report that reminded me to look at NuoDB again was whining about how NuoDB would perform in query intensive environments? I guess downloading a free copy to see was too much effort.

Of course, you would have to define “query intensive” environment and that would be no easy task. Lots of users with simple queries? (Define “lots” and “simple.”)

Just a suspicion as I wait for my download URL to arrive, “query” in a atom based system may not have the same internal processes as a traditional relational database. Or perhaps not entirely.

For example, what if the notion of “retrieval” from a location in memory is no longer operative? That is a query is composed of atoms that begin messaging as they are composed and so receiving information before the user reaches the end of a query string?

And more than that, query atoms that occur frequently could be persisted so the creation cost is not incurred in subsequent queries.

Hard to say without knowing more about it but it definitely should be on your short list of products to watch.


Sunday, February 26th, 2012


NuoDB is in private beta but the homepage describes it as:

NuoDB is a NewSQL database. It looks and behaves like a traditional SQL database from the outside but under the covers it’s a revolutionary database solution. It is a new class of database for a new class of datacenter.

A technical webinar dated 14 December 2012 at slide 5 had a couple of points that puzzled me.

I need to check some references on some of them but the:

Zero DBA: No backups, minimal performance tuning, automated everything

seems a bit over the top.

Would anyone involved in the private beta care to comment on that claim?