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NkBASE distributed database (Erlang)

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

NkBASE distributed database (Erlang)

From the webpage:

NkBASE is a distributed, highly available key-value database designed to be integrated into Erlang applications based on riak_core. It is one of the core pieces of the upcoming Nekso’s Software Defined Data Center Platform, NetComposer.

NkBASE uses a no-master, share-nothing architecture, where no node has any special role. It is able to store multiple copies of each object to achive high availabity and to distribute the load evenly among the cluster. Nodes can be added and removed on the fly. It shows low latency, and it is very easy to use.

NkBASE has some special features, like been able to work simultaneously as a eventually consistent database using Dotted Version Vectors, a strong consistent database and a eventually consistent, self-convergent database using CRDTs called dmaps. It has also a flexible and easy to use query language that (under some circunstances) can be very efficient, and has powerful support for auto-expiration of objects.

The minimum recommended cluster size for NkBASE is three nodes, but it can work from a single node to hundreds of them. However, NkBASE is not designed for very high load or huge data (you really should use the excellent Riak and Riak Enterprise for that), but as an in-system, flexible and easy to use database, useful in multiple scenarios like configuration, sessions, cluster coordination, catalogue search, temporary data, cache, field completions, etc. In the future, NetComposer will be able to start and manage multiple kinds of services, including databases like a full-blown Riak.

NkBASE has a clean code base, and can be used as a starting point to learn how to build a distributed Erlang system on top of riak_core, and to test new backends or replication mechanisms. NkBASE would have been impossible without the incredible work from Basho, the makers of Riak: riak_core, riak_dt and riak_ensemble.

Several things caught my attention about NkBASE.

That it is written in Erlang was the first thing.

That is is based on riak_core was the second thing.

But the thing that sealed it appearance here was:

NkBASE is not designed for very high load or huge data (you really should use the excellent Riak and Riak Enterprise for that)


A software description that doesn’t read like Topper in Dilbert?


See the GitHub page for all the details but this looks promising, for the right range of applications.