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Teradata Announces Aster Discovery Platform

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Teradata Announces Aster Discovery Platform

Teradata didn’t get the memo about February 20th being performance day either. So that makes two of us. 😉

From the post:

Teradata today introduced Teradata Aster Discovery Platform 5.10 a discovery solution with more than 20 new big data analytic capabilities, including purpose-built visualizations.

The platform was designed for customers to acquire, prepare, analyze, and visualize petabyte-sized volumes of multi-structured data in a single platform with a single structured query language (SQL) command.

“Existing and aspiring data scientists should take note. The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is full of new capabilities that can empower them to accelerate their innovation and supply new options to their business users,” said Scott Gnau , president, Teradata Labs.

Teradata’s open platform is a suite of integrated hardware, software, and best-of-breed partner solutions, using business intelligence (BI), data integration, analytics, and visualization tools. It was built for use by any SQL-savvy analyst or business user, while being powerful and flexible enough for the most sophisticated data scientists.

“With newly added analytics and visualization functionality, the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform offers the convenience of a ‘data scientist in a box,'” said Dan Vesset, program vice president of business analytics and big data, IDC. “Much of the market attention has been on vendors trying to build SQL engines on Hadoop. Teradata Aster Discovery Platform already provides an ANSI SQL-compliant method with its SQL-MapReduce framework to acquire, prepare, analyze, and visualize data from any data source including Hadoop. Without the need to integrate multiple point solutions, customers using this Teradata technology are able to accelerate the discovery process and visualize information in new and exciting ways, and to focus the scarce expertise of data scientists on highest value- added tasks.”

Or maybe they did.

Aster Discovery Platform 5.10 will appear by the end of the 2nd quarter 2013.

See the post for a nice summary of coming features.

BTW, I hope you still have your SQL books. Looks like SQL is making a serious comeback. 😉