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Asgard for Cloud Management and Deployment

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Asgard for Cloud Management and Deployment

Amazon is touting the horn of one of its larger customers, Netflix when they say:

Our friends at Netflix have embraced AWS whole-heartedly. They have shared much of what they have learned about how they use AWS to build, deploy, and host their applications. You can read the Netflix Tech Blog benefit from what they have learned.

Earlier this week they released Asgard, a web-based cloud management and deployment tool, in open source form on GitHub. According to Norse mythology, Asgard is the home of the god of thunder and lightning, and therefore controls the clouds! This is the same tool that the engineers at Netflix use to control their applications and their deployments.

Asgard layers two additional abstractions on top of AWS — Applications and Clusters.

Even if you are just in the planning (dreaming?) stages of cloud deployment for your topic map application, it would be good to review the Netflix blog. On Asgard and others posts as well.

You know how I hate to complain, ;-), but the Elder Edda does not report “Asgard” as the “home of the god of thunder and lighting.” All the gods resided at Asgard.

Even the link in the quoted part of Jeff’s post gets that much right.

Most of the time old stories told aright are more moving than modern misconceptions.