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Wednesday, September 21st, 2011


From What is Dydra?:


Dydra is a cloud-based graph database. Whether you’re using existing social network APIs or want to build your own, Dydra treats your customers’ social graph as exactly that.

With Dydra, your data is natively stored as a property graph, directly representing the relationships in the underlying data.


With Dydra, you access and update your data via an industry-standard query language specifically designed for graph processing, SPARQL. It’s easy to use and we provide a handy in-browser query editor to help you learn.

From the QuickStart

Dydra is an RDF store meant to be quick and easy for developers. Getting started quickly will require already being familiar with RDF and SPARQL

OK, so yes a “graph database,” but in the sense of being an RDF store.

Under What is RDF? -> Overview, the site authors say:

The use of URIs allows multiple data sources to talk about the same entities using the same language.

Really? That must mean all the 303 stuff that no less than Tim Berners-Lee and others have been talking about is unnecessary. I understand that several years ago that was the W3C “position,” but leaving aside all my ranting, it isn’t quite the current position.

There is a fundamental ambiguity when an address is used as an identifier. Does it identify what you find at the location it specifies or is it simply an identifier and what is at the location is additional information about what the address has identified?

The prose is out of date or the authors have a seriously dated view of RDF. Either way, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.